Had an accident? No problem!

Bring your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle into Bergen County Harley-Davidson® Service Department for an estimate. We will write your repair order and handle all of the logistics when it comes to having your motorcycle repaired. We have a great working relationship with insurance companies.

While we have your bike, now is the time to make those Upgrades!

While your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is here, sit down and speak with one of our representatives prior to Bergen County Harley-Davidson® ordering parts for the repair process. Why don’t you make those changes to your Harley-Davidson® that you’ve always wanted to make at the same time? Keep in mind no matter how extreme a change is to your repair estimate, payment for a deductible is still the customer’s responsibility, and the damage must be fixed.

What Is The Process?

Once your Harley-Davidson® arrives, the process begins. We will get your contact information and the claim information that your insurance agent provided to you when you reported the accident. Sometimes, the insurance company has already provided an estimate for the repairs on your motorcycle. Rarely is their estimate an accurate representation of the damage to your bike. Bergen County Harley-Davidson® will then contact you and the appropriate insurance representative.

All parts used for repairs are ordered directly from the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. If you have your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle modified with aftermarket parts, Bergen County Harley-Davidson® will make an order to obtain those parts from the appropriate manufacturer. Depending on the model, year, and color of your Harley-Davidson®, painted parts in some cases can take up to twelve weeks to arrive from the factory.

**Please note: We CANNOT order parts until the insurance check/payment has been received by Bergen County Harley-Davidson® and endorsed to us if necessary. Payment made by the insurance company is less your deductible (if applicable). You, the customer, are responsible for paying the deductible. The deductible isn’t due until all collision repairs are completed, and your motorcycle is ready for pick up.

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